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Images of days long past. This album depicts scenes from around Mandurah in the early and not so early days. This section will hopefully grow as more images are located or made available.

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Peninsula to Point


The Peninsula Hotel becomes The Point. The old Peninsula Hotel loved by many; locals and tourists alike, was closed in January 2003 and demolished in 2004. The new 'The Point' was officially opened on August 6, 2009. The new complex consists of two apartment buildings; Bridge Point and Sea Point, and the Bay View Point building which houses the 84 room, four-star Sebel Hotel and the 'M on the Point' Bar and Restaurant.

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Mandjar Bay


Mandjar Bay, including the Eastern and Western Foreshores and the Boardwalk. Lined with many cafes, restaurants and shops, and two picturesque foreshores, this bay is one of Mandurah’s best attractions for both locals and tourists. A number of ferry cruises depart from Mandjar Bay.

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Peel Estuary


Photos from in and around the Peel Estuary, or Peel Inlet as it is also called. This natural body of water covers approximately 135 square kilometres with an average depth of 2 metres. Two main rivers feed the estuary, the Murray and the Serpentine. A man-made channel known as the Dawesville Cut was opened in April 1994 in an effort to reduce severe algal blooms.

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City Centre


Images from in and around the city centre of Mandurah. The main tourist drive is Mandurah Terrace along which the popular Eastern Foreshore is located. The city centre has numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. The precinct closest to the bridge is known as the Bridge Quarter.

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Boating & Fishing


Mandurah is famous for its beautiful waterways and pristine beaches. Aquatic activities are therefore one of the most popular pursuits for locals and tourists. This album is dedicated to some of those activities.

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On the Canals


Mandurah boasts some of the best man-made canal systems in Australia, and many are very central to the city centre. Take a one hour canal cruise from one of the local cruise companies and enjoy the sights of some of Mandurah's most prestigious homes. You may even be lucky to see Dolphins along the way.

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Ocean Marina


The Mandurah Ocean Marina encompasses both the north and south harbours and the Dolphin Quay precinct. The marina comprises of an array of residential apartments, townhouses, cafés, restaurants, shops, markets and the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club, with the new Seashells Resort nearby.

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South Harbour


The south harbour is now part of the Mandurah Ocean Marina. Most of the land was originally a camping ground and later a caravan park located behind the Peninsula Hotel on Ormsby Terrace. Today the area is being transformed with million dollar luxury apartments.

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Dolphin Quay


Dolphin Quay is making waves with its blend of old world market stalls, waterfront cafes, restaurants and boardwalks. Situated at the Mandurah Ocean Marina and surrounded by water on three sides. Open 7 days a week all year round.

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Cafés & Restaurants


The number of Cafés and Restaurants around Mandurah has vastly increased over the last twenty years due to the booming population. Almost all culinary tastes and cuisines are now catered for giving everyone a great dining choice. Here are a few of them.

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Sea birds and native birds flock to Mandurah and the Peel Estuary in abundance, especially in the breeding seasons. Here are just a few birds that enjoy the Mandurah lifestyle.

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